How do the recommendations work?

Our goal is to recommend fresh, relevant and engaging content to your visitors that they have never read before. This way your visitors will most likely see different posts in our recommendation boxes. When selecting articles for the boxes we first examine which posts a visitor has or hasn't read before. From the ones that the user hasn't read we pick the most popular article - the post, which most other visitors clicked on in a certain category. We display this post in the most prominent position for the user. For the remaining positions we show unread articles to the visitor that are either fresh or popular within a certain category. The pages where our recommendations are displayed and the categories from which we select articles for the different areas of your site are defined by you. If you set up a few simple rules you can easily display relevant articles beside each of your posts. Of course, if a visitor has read every post in a category, we will select posts from a wider category so none of your visitors are going to see empty boxes or repeating articles. We constantly monitor the effects of our recommendations and only keep on recommending those fresh posts that many users clicked on compared to your other posts.