What can I expect from installing ArticleSuggestion on my site?

According to our experiences, visitors spend a longer time and read more posts on websites that use ArticleSuggestion. Of course, exactly how much longer the visitors are going to stay on your site after installing our software depends on many factors. And this makes it hard to predict the changes in the CTR or the length of the visits precisely. The achievements of just two sites that have been using Article Suggestion for a while might help you to see what you can expect from our app. On a news portal that receives a high amount of daily traffic Article Suggestion was able to increase the CTR of the posts by 20 percent. At an e-commerce site, that sells dietary supplements, the time visitors spend on that site has increased and so have the number of purchases, all thanks to ArticleSuggestion. As you can see using ArticleSuggestion can help very different kinds of sites. If you'd like to find out more about the results with our application.