How can I refresh the recommendations? How long will I have to wait for the modifications to appear on my site?

As ArticleSuggestion uses a cache system, your new recommendations and the modifications that you make through the user interface of our app will only appear on your site after it refreshes. Which, in most cases, happens automatically once an hour. If you’d like to see the results of a modification on your site faster than this, please refresh the cache manually. You can refresh the recommendation boxes and the suggested posts individually or together. If you’d only like to refresh one recommendation, visit Suggestible items and click on the Refresh button next to the post that you’d like to refresh. If you’d like to refresh all of them, click on the icon which is located next to the Add another sign. You can refresh the recommendation boxes the same way if you visit the Suggestion boxes page of our app. As the complete refresh of the cache may take several minutes, if you only modified one item and you would like to see the results quickly only refresh the affected item. If you’d like to change where certain recommendations appear within your site or you would like to disable a suggestion, you’ll have to start a complete refresh. As these kind of modifications only take effect after a complete refresh. You won’t need to refresh items after renaming them as name changes won’t affect how they work.

If you upload articles to our system with an RSS feed and you set the reading frequency to 15 minutes, you won’t always have to wait an hour for the automatic refresh. In this case the system will start the process as soon as a new article arrives in our system.