How can I delete or modify items in ArticleSuggestion?

You can overview the uploaded posts if you click on Suggestible items. You can find the recommendation boxes under Suggestion boxes. The feeds that you connected to our app are under RSS feeds. If you'd like to modify any of them just click the Edit button next to their name. In some rare cases you will need to refresh cache on your site after you modify an item for the changes to appear. Here you can read about when and how you'll need to do this.

You cannot delete URLs from our app, but you can forbid recommending the posts that are available on an uploaded URL. If you don’t want to recommend a post anywhere on your site, just click on the posts' link under Suggestible items and select NO from the drop-down menu next to Enabled. You can disable your RSS feeds in a similar way. There is no such option for the recommendation boxes, so if you don’t want to use a box anymore, just delete its code from your site's source code.