Our team creates products that aid website owners in market research, conversion rate optimization and user flow analysis. We develop our web applications in the inner city of Budapest, while our headquarters is in London.

There are several market-leading portals among our clients such as biztositas.hu and blikk,hu. Our products and services are also used by Allianz, Cofidis, Egis and other global companies.

We apply the Lean Software Development principles while creating web applications. We try to build viable products as quickly as possible and optimize them based on user feedback and the market reactions.

We’ve developed several successful applications this way. Our clients inspect more than 6 million web pages daily with FindGore, our web analytics software, and we monitor more than 35.000 domains WebyMon.

Our data-driven marketing solutions have won several awards, including the Fintech competition of MKB, the third-biggest commercial bank in Hungary.

If you’re satisfied with ArticleSuggestion’s performance and would like to know, how our other applications could help you to improve your online performance, check out their sites, which are listed below.

If you’d like to know more about our company, Webb and Flow Ltd. visit our site!.

A few other products from Web and Flow Ltd.:


Our unique web analytics tool can help you to identify anonymous visitors, create user segments and send personalized messages at the right moment.

Content Roi

You can analyze the money making potential of your contents with this application. Using it regularly can show you how your articles, product descriptions, downloadable guides and other contents contribute to the conversions on your site.


Waudito detects technical errors on your site, that hurt your ranking potential. With its 10 different test types, you can create a complete on-site SEO analysis in just a few minutes.


WebyMon is our server uptime and website speed monitoring tool. Using it regularly can show you how to speed up your website, and make it faster and more reliable than your competitors’ sites. You can analyze the performance of two domains with this application for free.


Our Content Management System can help you to build extremely fast websites. It uses static HTML files and optimized servers, to boost the speed and the ranking potential of its sites.