Longer visits

ArticleSuggestion is a content recommender system. It creates personalized recommendations based on the reading habits of your users and the popularity of your posts. You can improve its performance, by defining the relationship between the different types of content. But no matter how you’ll end up using it, your visitors will almost certainly spend a longer time on your site, if you decide to install it.

More time spent on reading

Your users won’t just stay longer, they will also read a lot more posts on your site. This could happen, because the right recommendations, in most cases, are able to eliminate the need for navigation. Why would you search for an interesting article, if its only one click away from you?

A stronger connection with your audience

Due to our relevant recommendations, your readers will get to know your site better. If they like what they see, they will more likely return to it, even if they originally stumbled upon your posts in social media. This can give you an opportunity to increase the number of your subscribers, and reach a larger portion of your audience directly, with your newsletter campaigns.

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