Where can I find information about the performance of my recommendations?

You can find detailed reports about the performance of your recommendations if you click on the Dashboard button, after selecting a domain in our app. We measure three kinds of metrics in connection with the recommended articles and the recommendation boxes. Impressions show how many users saw a certain item, Clicks inform you about a number of clicks on a certain item, while CTR shows the amount of people who clicked on a certain item after seeing it on your site.

At the top of our Dashboard page you can see a summary of every recommendation that we displayed on a domain in the selected period. Below the charts you can find separate statistics for every recommendation box that you installed on the different areas of your website. Finally, if you click on Content tab you will see a list of every article that we recommend on a domain. You can rearrange their order based on their CTR, Click and Impression values.

If you click on a link of a recommended post, you can find a detailed report of its performance in the various boxes of your site.