How can I integrate the ArticleSuggestion boxes into my site?

Before you can embed our recommendation boxes into your site, you'll first need to define a few parameters of the boxes that you wish to use. Namely, you'll have to decide how many suggestions each box will contain and whether the recommendations will be placed below or next to each other within the boxes. You might also want to modify the CSS files of your boxes. You can find a detailed post about this process here. Every box that you create and save this way receives a HASH value. You can find this value if you click on Suggestion Boxes in the menu of our app. This is what you will need to use if you'd like to embed our boxes. On every page where you would like a box to appear paste the following Javascript code to that part of the source code where the other JS codes are also located:

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>

Then paste the following code to where you would like the suggestion box to appear on the page:

<div data-articlesuggestion-bid="HASH"></div>

and replace the expression HASH, with the hash value of the box that you wish to use. So, for example, paste NTg3NTUyGI3MWViMGEzlM2I4MjUw instead of the word "HASH".

You should replace quotation marks with the Hash value as well, and avoid leaving blank spaces in your code. In the end you’ll need to see something like this:

<div data-articlesuggestion-bid=NTg3NTUyGI3MWViMGEzlM2I4MjUw></div>

We suggest that you wait for an hour with embedding after you create a new box as this way you can make sure that the box will be filled with recommendations right from the start. If you'd like to you can use the same box any number of times on your website. For example, if you'd like to place recommendations under every blogpost on your site and all the blogposts have the same layout, creating only one box could be enough. But if you'd like to use more than one box on one page you should create a different box for every location where you will place them within the page. You should also create boxes with different hash numbers if you'd like to receive separate statistics about the click-through rates, impressions and other characteristics of the boxes placed in the different areas of your site.