How can I add posts to the recommendations automatically?

You can upload posts automatically to Article Suggestion by connecting your RSS feeds to our system or by using our API. If you'd like to send the data through the API please contact us and we will help you to set it up. You can connect your feeds to our system if you select RSS feeds from the main menu and click on the Add another option after logging into our app. On the page that will appear after this, you can define how ArticleSuggestion should use the connected feed. Our app can read from your feeds daily, hourly or every fifteen minutes. Select the most appropriate option. For example, if you publish one or two articles per day choose the hourly option, select 15 minutes if you publish ten articles a day and choose the daily readings if you only publish twice a week. Our app will use your Open Graph meta tags to create titles, descriptions, and pictures for your recommendations. You can only suggest articles through RSS feeds if they have an ‘OG’ title tag. The articles without titles won't appear in our boxes. The other OG tags are not mandatory. If you wouldn't like to use the pictures that you link to in your open graph meta tags, use the image selector and the image attribute fields to tell ArticleSuggestion where to look for the article's images. You can add any number of RSS feeds to our application this way. It won't be a problem for our app if you send the same URL twice through two different feeds. If there are no RSS feeds on your site, but you would like to automate article uploading, you'll have to create them and embed them into your site. There are several free applications that can help you with this task and adding them is not overly complicated, so don't let the lack of RSS feeds hold you back from automating our recommendations.