How can I regulate which posts the app will recommend on certain areas of my site?

If you don't change the default settings, our app is going to select the recommended posts from every article that you upload to our system based on their popularity and freshness. Of course, you can change this and define which articles we can recommend on certain areas of your site. You'll need to go through two steps if you'd like to regulate the placement of recommendations. Firstly, you'll have to create a list of the URLs in our app for which you wish to set up rules. Then you'll be able to define whether we can or cannot display a certain recommendation on each of the URLs that you've listed. To record the URLs in our app, click on the URL-based suggestions button and select Add another option.

  • If you'd like to set up rules for only one address, simply paste the URL without the domain name into the field that appears after you select Add another option and click on the Save button. For example, a URL with a similar structure to write /blog/great-post can go into this field.

  • You can also record URL groups this way. In this case, write that part of the addresses into the field that are common in every URL of the group and put a * at the end of the address.

So, if you write /blog* into the field, the rules will apply to every URL that contain the word blog. For example, they will apply in the /blog/great-post address as well as the /blog/even-better-post address

If you record a URL both ways, we will apply the rule you set up for the single URL first.

You can find the list of every post that you've uploaded to our system if you click on Suggestible items.

To define where we can recommend a certain post on your site, click on the Edit button next to the URLs of the posts. On the page that loads after this, you'll find every address and URL group that you recorded under URL-based suggestions.

If you'd like to recommend a certain post on one of the previously recorded URLs, check (tick) the box next to the address. If you don’t want to recommend a URL on an address, leave the box empty. If you leave every box empty we will recommend the post on those URLs of your site that you haven't recorded with the URL-based suggestions. If you don’t want to recommend a post anywhere on your site, select the NO from the drop-down menu next to Enabled.

As we keep track of your visitors' reading habits a recommendation of a post might turn up on a URL that you haven't specified. But this can only happen when a visitor has read every article that you wished to recommend on the URL.