How can I create a new box and alter its appearance?

You can completely personalize the appearance of our recommendation boxes. If you'd like to create a new box just click on Suggestion boxes and select the Add another option after logging into our app. On the page that will appear after this you'll be able to set up the position of the box and the number of recommendations it will contain. For example, if you'd like to recommend 3 articles in a box under each other, select 3 and vertical from the drop down menu next to the size and the orientation options. You can modify other characteristics of the recommendations, for example, the used fonts or shadows by editing the CSS file. Use the Custom CSS field to complement our CSS file. Once you're finished with your new box, click on the Save button. We suggest that you include the area where you plan to use the box and give it a name as it will make it easier to find specific reports about it in your statistics.